Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Overflowing peace

"Let the redeemed give thanks and praise
To a forgiving God!
My feeble voice I cannot raise
Till washed in Jesu's blood:

Till at thy coming from above
My mountain-sins depart,
And fear gives place to filial love,
And peace o'erflows my heart.

Restored by reconciling grace,
With present pardon blest,
And fitted by true holiness
For my eternal rest."

- Charles Wesley

Friday, July 3, 2009

Seek, and ye shall find

"Jesus, the promised help supply,
Support the feeble, fainting mind,
Nor let me in the winter fly,
But seek till I acceptance find,
But ask, till I am saved from sin,
And knock, till mercy takes me in."

- Charles Wesley

Spiritual reality

"We as well as the first Christians, must receive the Holy Ghost, before we can be truly called the children of God . . . I will not say, all our letter-learned preachers deny this doctrine in express words; but however, they do in effect; for they talk professedly against inward feelings, and say, we may have God's Spirit without feeling it, which is in reality to deny the thing itself. And had I a mind to hinder the progress of the gospel, and to establish the kingdom of darkness, I would go about, telling people, they might have the Spirit of God, and yet not feel it." - George Whitefield