Monday, November 9, 2009

Initial sanctification

"We allow that the state of a justified person is inexpressibly great and glorious . . . He is 'created anew in Christ Jesus'; he is washed, he is sanctified. His 'heart is purified by faith' . . . And he has power both over outward and inward sin, even from the moment he is justified." ~ John Wesley

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Joy unspeakable

"My soul can never forget that day. Dying, all but dead, diseased, pained, chained, scourged, bound in fetters of iron, in darkness and the shadow of death, Jesus appeared unto me. My eyes looked to Him; the disease was healed, the pains removed, chains were snapped, prison doors were opened, darkness gave place to light. What delight filled my soul! — what mirth, what ecstasy, what sound of music and dancing, what soarings towards Heaven, what heights and depths of ineffable delight! Scarcely ever since then have I known joys which surpassed the rapture of that first hour." ~ Charles Spurgeon