Friday, February 12, 2010

Mistaking religious emotion for grace

"I used to pray five times a day in secret, and to spend much time in religious talk with other boys; and used to meet with them to pray together. I experienced I know not what kind of delight in religion. My mind was much engaged in it, and had much self-righteous pleasure; and it was my delight to abound in religious duties. I with some of my schoolmates joined together, and built a booth in a swamp, in a very retired spot, for a place of prayer. And besides, I had particular secret places of my own in the woods, where I used to retire by myself; and was from time to time much affected. My affections seemed to be lively and easily moved, and I seemed to be in my element when engaged in religious duties. And I am ready to think, many are deceived with such affections, and such a kind of delight as I then had in religion, and mistake it for grace." - Jonathan Edwards

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  1. Just quickly, this takes my mind to Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis... "religious activity" is far from where a real relationship with God is rooted. It all comes down to our moment by moment decisions. Will we trust Him or ourselves or someone/something else in every area? When we throw our entire being into His hands, and begin a life of allowing Him to make us into exactly what He desires, that's when the real thing begins. Of course, we cannot begin to do that unless we study His word to find out what He does desire... and that's exactly what Jesus came to show us and to make possible within us. I'm ever grateful.