Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nothing can be more false

"We have received it as a maxim, that 'a man is to do nothing in order to justification.' Nothing can be more false. Whoever desires to find favour with God, — should 'cease from evil, and learn to do well.' Whoever repents, should do 'works meet for repentance.' And if this is not in order to find favour what does he do them for?" ~ John Wesley

"Permit me to answer [Mr. Wesley's question] according to Scripture and common sense. If he do them in order to purchase the Divine favour, he is under a self-righteous delusion; but if he do them as Mr. Wesley says, 'in order to find:' what Christ has purchased for him, he acts the part of a wise Protestant. Should you say that 'such a penitent does works meet for repentance from a sense of gratitude for redeeming love:' I answer, this is impossible; for that 'love must be shed abroad in his heart by the Holy Ghost given unto him,' in consequence of his justification, before he can act from the sense of that love and the gratitude which it excites. I hope it is no heresy to maintain that the cause must go before the effect." ~ John Fletcher

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