Saturday, November 8, 2014

Conditional salvation

This is John Wesley's holistic interpretation of God's message to humanity as revealed in the old and new testaments:

 "We have received it as a maxim, that 'a man is to do nothing in order to justification.' Nothing can be more false. Whoever desires to find favour with God,—should 'cease from evil, and learn to do well.' Whoever repents, should do 'works meet for repentance.' And if this is not in order to find favor what does he do them for?

Review the whole affair.

1. Who of us is now accepted of God? He that now believes in Christ, with a loving, obedient heart.

2. But who among those who never heard of Christ? He that feareth God, and worketh righteousness according to the light he has.

3. Is this the same with ' he that is sincere?' Nearly, if not quite.

4. Is not this 'salvation by works?' Not by the merit of works, but by works as a condition."

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